Saturday, December 3, 2011

Calla Lily

In the plant world we come to expect that a flower has to have more than one petal and with most of the everyday plant varieties it may have become a desirable thing. 

However for the Calla Lily this plant has surpassed any of that expectation and it is its large white one petaled flower that has become so common both in florist shops and that of gardens in homes and in public buildings.

Calla lily is far from being a lily - It doesn't come from the Lilium genus! It is just a name and nothing more being far from closely related.
It lends a tropical look with it's large dark green glossy leaves.

When you look at it this way petals are actually evolved from leaves - they are just modified leaves that have been formed to usually look attractive to pollinators.

The cone in the middle is called an inflorescence and is usually bright yellow.
These flowers are usually associated with funerals and death, but let's be honest here, they are such a stunning and confident plant to be enjoyed!

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