Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alluring Lotus

These pictures may be dated but the beauty of our lotus still stays with its sweet image. They were taken last year but what's extraordinary is their ability to survive, grow and flower in just a pot, not a pond.

First an arty-farty image, Ha Ha...(yes, I know, I'm not quite that funny, oh well.)Perhaps I'll paint this one.

These pictures show parts of the stem and leaves. The leaves are grand, the size magnificent. (Don't mind the rubbish bin!)

Okay, this one's not a good shot but you get to see the inside of the lotus. I believe you can eat the seeds, roots and leaves of a lotus. I've seen on television that Aborigines eat the stem, so basically you could eat the whole plant; handy if you're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the beautiful lotuses.

And lotuses are being developed all the time, so there are a variety of colours out there. They exist all around the world with some unique features on particular lotuses that have lived isolated in their native areas but have captured hearts and landed themselves in various gardens.


  1. @ The Divinitus: yes, they are so pretty and on its own they stand out very well which not many plants are able to do.


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